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    OPTIKA CRONOS is a regional leader in optical retail aiming to deliver superior and high quality eye care to people.

    The company was founded in 1993. Since then it has been privately held for almost 25 years showing respect and flexibility in customer communication, quickness in making decisions, responsiveness to always changing market and ability to keep mind open for development.

    At OPTIKA CRONOS we have a highly trained team including fully certified optometrists who provide the best eye care.

    OPTIKA CRONOS is present in 6 regions of Russia and has become the largest optical chain in Volga Federal District, which includes 80 retail stores, online shop and dense net of contact lens vending machines.

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    Company history

    «Optika Cronos» - moving through time, keeping all the best!

    In 1993 three close friends rented a small basement in the centre of Nizhny Novgorod and opened the first «Optika Cronos» store. There was no optician among them, but there was a great passion for doing their own business.

    They invited a business-coach from the USA, bought innovative optical equipment, made good design of the store, brought European brands of eyewear, arranged an internship in Holland for employees. It was very unusual for Russian “fast” business of the 90s, when everyone traded something new each day. In the long term it turned out a good decision to make the first optical store in the city with an ophthalmologist office, professional workshop and a huge range of eyewear.

    Company history

    However on the first working day in 1993, when there was only one lens cleaning tissue sold, nobody could imagine that this small shop in the basement will grow into a great chain of stores with their own workshops, laboratories and a training centre.

    From the very first day «Optika Cronos» has its mascot.

    Company history

    On the construction site of the first shop amidst rubble and dust workers found a contrabass. It was restored and put in the office of “Optika Cronos”.

    Once the contrabass was lost during a relocation. A few months that it took to find it coincided with the most difficult times for the business. Believe it or not, but after the contrabass was found, “Optika Cronos” started to work like a Swiss watch.

    Presently the constrabass takes pride of place in the office of the company.

    Company history

    In 2018 «Optika Cronos» celebrated its 25th anniversary and was recognized as the best employer in the retail field.

    Today there are more than 80 optical stores in 6 regions, including Moscow. This was made possible by the trust of friends, clients, partners and, of course, the mascot – contrabass.